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Reducing Unnecessary Risk

Downside Protection Strategies

By our own definition, we are the safe shop. And why is that? We actively seek strategies that attempt to minimize downside risk. But why do we do that and how?

The “why” is somewhat self-evident. But, to dive in a little deeper: it’s simply a matter of what most investors are after.  

  • Long gone are the days of “just hang in there long enough and you’ll be okay” type solutions  
  • For our clients, who are close to retiring or already independently wealthy, having a financial set back isn’t an option they want to explore
  • If you are in your 20’s or 30’s and you want to ride the roller coaster that’s fine, but for those of us in our later years – we need a better strategy

How do we do it?

Lifting up the hood of the car and taking a look at the engine is always fun. Yet, like a fine-tuned modern automobile engine, what drives the solutions in a portfolio have also become more complicated with more moving parts than ever.

Our good news to you: We’ve got decades of professional experience, financial education, with a commitment towards finding solutions for your portfolios that make sense and are a great match to accomplish your goals and objectives.  Our first task is always getting a clear understanding of your goals and objectives.  Once we do this, we’re ready to start explaining the strategies we have available for you.

Are you ready to start defining your goals and objectives?