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The Playbook


Elevate Wealth Advisors Playbook

Click on the video for an introduction to the Playbook.

There really are two things that sets us apart from other financial advisors. The first is our Playbook Process, as outlined below. The second is striving to reduce unnecessary risk. Click here to see the second.

Drawing upon our decades of financial services experience, we have developed our proprietary Playbook Process – a structured method for getting your financial household in good order. We work with you to create your personalized Playbook, but you get to take it home. It’s not the typical financial plan, based on assumptions about the future—most of which will end up changing within the next year. Instead, our Playbook Process turns over every stone in your financial household to uncover any conditions that could derail you from your financial goals.

Clients tell us all the time that they used to have a few drawers just filled with old documents from their bank and insurance policies and overall estate. With their Elevate Playbook, however, they have a way to keep everything current, organized, and in one manageable spot.

Do you have a system in place to house all of your financial statements and estate documents? Do you have a process to make sure that your overall financial household is in good shape? Here is a small taste of our Elevate Playbook Process:

Most Valuable Players – Contact List

When we first created the Playbook, clients suggested we call it their “lifebook” or “deathbook” as we incorporated, for client beneficiaries, a contact list of “most valuable players” in clients’ financial lives. We ultimately referred to our process as a Playbook, because it goes far beyond information for your beneficiaries. The playbook is for you and your estate right now, but it’s also just as important for your beneficiaries.

Goals And Objectives

If we can’t repeat what your goals are back to you, then we’re not listening.

At Elevate, we listen. We then articulate your goals back to you with our Investment Objectives Statement: We address your time horizon, your risk appetite, what you want to do with your wealth, etc. We review and update this periodically to make sure that we understand what you’re looking for.

Financial Statements

Do you have an updated Net Worth Statement? Are your assets registered appropriately?

At Elevate, we consider your Net Worth Statement to be a cornerstone of your financial household. How your assets are registered can mean the difference between what is actually in your Trust and what is not, or what bypasses Probate and what does not.

Here is what we use to document your Net Worth:

Here is what we use to document your Cash Flow:

Estate And Legal Docs

Do you have an updated Will and/or Trust? Do you remember all the intricacies of that Will or Trust you established 10 years ago?

At Elevate, we create a one-page summary of your Estate Planning Documents so that you don’t have to dig through articles 7-9 every few years to remind yourself how the “Beneficiary Instructions to Minors” works.

100 Things You Need To Keep:

Insurance Review

Even though we don’t sell insurance, we want to ensure that you are appropriately insured.

At Elevate, we will review your Insurance Policy Details. You’d be surprised how many times we find clients who want to be minimally insured, but who are significantly over-insured, and vice-versa. 

Social Security

  • Do you know when you want to start drawing from Social Security?
  • Do you know the implications of waiting?
  • Do you know how Social Security will affect your taxes?
  • Are you aware of specialized strategies?
  • Are you tracking and planning for maximizing your Social Security Benefit(s)?

At Elevate, we do.

Do you want to see the rest of the Playbook Process and how it can help your family?