May 12, 2022 Blog 0

We just published our ‘Q2 – What to do with your Playbook this quarter’ video today on YouTube (see link below) .  My hope is this short video will be a reminder of things we need to address in our Playbooks this quarter and encouragement on how to get it done.

Q2 Items for your Financial Playbook

Communicating in this format is new for us.  I’m learning a few things as I go and having some fun as well!  This video reminded me of a few things I thought I’d share with you:  

  1. I’m extremely humbled that you have taken the time to watch these.  Truly, I appreciate your support and am glad that the content is meaningful to you.
  2. I continue to strive to make my message clear and keep eye contact with the camera, but I need more practice.  Work in progress!
  3. You are my audience.  You already know where to buy the book and learn more about the process.   I don’t need to remind you of that.  These videos are made for clients of Elevate, not random people on YouTube.
  4. Breaking the video up into more manageable chunks is on the list for next go around.
  5. Finally, my beard is really looking good if I do say so myself.

There are also a few… well, somewhat cheesy stock photography slides.  It will be obvious to you that the canned shots are not part of the team.  But, I thought it was borderline funny after watching a few times and resisted the urge to scream AUTHENTIC ONLY to our editor.  I hope you get a laugh as well.

The video covers the three different sections of the Playbook we focus on in Q2 in a little more detail.  If you prefer the executive summary-here you go.

The first section is the Performance Section.  In the Performance Section we are trying to measure how we are doing and if we are on track to pursue our goals.

  • Are the investments appropriate to guide me toward my goals?
    • We use an Investment Narrative and Riskalyze reports.
  • Are the investments performing as expected?
    • We can also use an Investment Narrative here.
  • How is the rest of the world doing? We want to look at:
    • The Broad Market Returns
    • Global Market Returns
    • Real Estate Values
    • Bond Market Returns
    • Inflation Numbers
    • Interest Rates

The second section we address in Q2 is the Miscellaneous section.  I affectionately compare the Miscellaneous section of the Playbook the kitchen junk drawer.  

  • Once a year we want to clean out the ‘junk drawer’.
    • Find a better place for items in other sections if you can.
    • Get rid of items that are no longer needed.

The third and final section we address this quarter, and every quarter is the insurance section. 

Insurance companies other than annuity statements and unlike most financial institutions, don’t send out statements monthly or quarterly but rather when a policy has a renewal date or an anniversary date.  So, we make an exception to the rule of only saving statements at the beginning of the year, and we file our insurances declaration pages as they come in the mail. 

Thank you for partnering with us.   Your feedback helps, please let us know how we are doing.   See you very soon, I hope.

– Ben James